M. Shades in CoD.

"I won't be the victim but the first to cast the stone"'

"To the right I could see a church. I took a step in that direction first but to the left there was a watering hole where they were whiskey drunk and now thats were I wanna pray"

"Dear God, the only thing I ask of you is to hold her when I'm not around"

"God hates us, god hates us all"

M. Shades


Mister Charles Shadows




July 31st, 1981


Orange County, California


Mental, hard cock, mentalcore, FPS


Vocal cords, shotgun

Years active



Mario Bros., No Life, Hopeless, Activision

Associated acts

Avengers Sevenfour, Good Charmander, Steel Panzer, Cowboy Thor, Bleeding Around, Dream Cinema, Splash, High on Hellwater, Black Cops




M. Shades is the vocalist of the mental band Avengers Sevenfour. He has served several years in CoD and has a solid reputation there. He can press 1,000 lbs on the bench, so he is rather buff but his most distinctive feature is his eyes which resemble sunglasses (hence the nickname, Shades). This rare feature has helped him a lot in CoD, rendering flash grenades useless. He can also fly using his retractable wings.

Vocal Style


M. Shades showing his retractable wings.

M. Shades is best known for his wide vocal range which spans from tenor to soprano. His voice awakens controversy though, which has also lead for him to apply screaming on his newer records to attract more fans. But as a result of him screaming too much, his clean voice has been deteriorating so he plans to leave singing aside and, to the dismay of his few hardcore fans, do only screaming in the future.


It appears that M. Shades' personality is a bit of a blur. His emotions are hard to monitor because of the way his eyes are but when he is angry, dimples appear on his cheeks. What we know of what he has said is that he likes CoD and arcade because they help him keep fit. It is also common that he forgets lyrics during performances, which can be because he does not get involved in the writing process.


Shades likes many bands like Pant Era, Metallic A and Sleigher but what truly inspired his vocal style and got him into singing was Roses N' Red. He wanted to be able to sing even higher than Axl Rose and proved to be able to do it twice the size in Avengers Sevenfour.


Clothes: Tank top, Food: Chowder cannon

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